Terms of Service


The Terms of Service outline in this document apply to all goods and services provided by BEAUTI (Chandelle Enniss). You (The Client) agree to these Terms of Service upon booking. No personal information gathered will be passed on to any third party without explicit permission from The Client UNLESS it is required by government regulations. All items on this document are subject to change without notice according to government regulations and law.

It is the responsibility of the person that has agreed to these Terms of Service to pass on this information to any other party involved with services.

BEAUTI reserves the right to terminate this agreement, or any agreements drafted, for any non-compliance of terms (agreement will become void and all monies given are non-refundable).



a. Before Your Appointment

Please make sure to comply with the below points as they apply to your appointment.

- Your hair is washed the night before with NO product in it

- Your skin is clean the day of with NO product applied


b. Travel

The location for mobile appointments on the day of the appointment is at the discretion of The Client. However, BEAUTI will not be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur on location. A table/work area will need to be available  to BEAUTI on location as well as working electrical outlets. A mirror is preferred, but not necessary. BEAUTI will bring their own lights and chair. It is recommended that clients wear a button-down shirt so that makeup and hair is not affected by clothing changes.


c. Travel Fee & Accommodation

For all services that require BEAUTI to travel a distance exceeding a 15km radius from the studio, a fee will be charged. All additional costs for travel expenses will be determined at the time of enquiry and detailed in the final invoice unless paid for in advance. These costs include (but are not limited to): airfare, hotel, transportation, and parking.


d. Trials

Trials are available for all services, and highly recommended for weddings. Trials incur a separate fee which is the same amount as the service cost and is limited to a maximum of two hours. To secure your trial, a 30% booking fee is required, to be paid within 24 hours of booking. The remaining fee is to be paid as per the invoice due date.



a. Booking Terms

All services must be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance and can be made up to 18 months in advance. They are all subject to government work health and safety regulations.

Any makeup and/or hair booking of four or more people will require and assistant/subcontractor unless otherwise discussed. Extra charges will be incurred to cover their services. All persons involved in appointments must be available at the scheduled time. All makeup and hair for multiple people in one booking must be at the same location in consecutive times; allowing time between for hygiene and safety procedures.


b. Accepted Payment Methods

All payments are to be made via BEAUTI's Square invoicing system unless otherwise specified. All cards accepted as per Square's system, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Alternatively, cash payments are accepted with the correct amount as BEAUTI do not carry cash on them under any circumstances.

Any additional necessary and agreed costs on the day of your appointment will be added to the final invoice, to be paid as per the invoice due date. Customer credit is not available under any circumstances. The person that has agreed to these Terms of Service is accountable for all payments.


c. Booking Fee

All services require a booking fee to secure the appointment unless otherwise indicated. This fee is 30% of the total price and must be paid within 24 hours of the booking request. For special events (which include, but are not limited to: weddings, commercial and editorial work) this booking fee is due at the time of signing the prepared agreement. Dates and times for special events will only be reserved once this is complete - the agreement will be attached to an email for confirmation which contains the date and time, venue, and approximate makeup and hair schedule. If The Client does not follow these directions they risk losing their appointment.

Services are subject to other fees dependent on the situation, as outlined within this document.



There are instances that will require the payment of a surcharge, which is added to your total charge. These include:

- Public Holidays, which will incur a surcharge of $60 (calculated at public holiday rates in the General Retail Industry Award pay guide)

- Early mornings (before 8:00am) and late nights (after 7pm), which will incur a surcharge of $35 (calculated at evening Mon-Fri rates in the General Retail Industry Award pay guide)

- Specialty products (details added to the final invoice)



a. Cancellation Fee

The Client must advise BEAUTI as soon as possible if alteration or cancellation of the appointment is required. Any cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will forfeit the booking fee as compensation to BEAUTI in lieu of a cancellation fee, as well as any cost for specialty products for the service(s). In the event that no notice is given, The client will be subject to item 'c. No Show' within this clause.


b. Appointment Changes

In the event The Client requires a date/time change to the scheduled appointment, they may only do so twice with one booking fee. If The Client wishes to alter the arrangements further, they may be subject to extra costs. BEAUTI will do their best to accommodate these changes, however there is no guarantee that the requested date/time will be available for The Client. Booking arrangements cannot be changed within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment. In the event this occurs, The Client will be subject to item 'a. Cancellation Fee' of this clause.


c. No Show

In the event that The Client does not show up to attend the scheduled appointment, without prior notice to the appointment, they will forfeit the booking fee and be invoiced for the remainder of the appointment price. If The Client avoids attempts at contact and payment, legal action will be taken.


d. BEAUTI Cancellation

If BEAUTI cancels or is unable to perform their duties, the booking fee and other monies given will be fully refunded within two weeks. The Client will also be provided with details of other artists that may be able to take over. However, there is no guarantee that these artists are available on the date/time you have booked with BEAUTI. The Client agrees that this refund of monies and recommendations are the only liability to BEAUTI.



All services are to be completed to The Client's satisfaction but shall not exceed the allotted time (unless necessary). If there are additional needs outside of the agreed services and deliverables, they are performed at the discretion of BEAUTI. Any extra costs incurred because of these changes will be added to the final invoice. This includes, but is not limited to, time extensions and materials used. For any appointment changes, please refer to item 'b.' in 'CANCELLATIONS/BOOKING ALTERATIONS' of this document.

Once The Client has accepted the completed service(s), they are acknowledging that the service is done to their satisfaction.



a. Consultations

A consultation is a complimentary and compulsory part of The Client's first service and any other following service if required. This is limited to a maximum of one hour and arranged with The Client to ensure that all of the necessary requirements are outline for upcoming appointments. This includes, but is not limited to: filling out any forms, discussing look requirements, and outlining any sensitivities and/or allergies. It is a requirement, and The Client's responsibility, to notify BEAUTI of any skin conditions, allergies, health conditions, sicknesses, infections, or sensitivity issues prior to the appointment for ALL persons receiving services.

BEAUTI reserves the right to refuse services for occupational health and safety reasons. The Client agrees to release BEAUTI from any liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions and will have no liability for incidental or consequential damages, however characterised (e.g. sensitive skin, sensitive eyes, eczema, dermatitis, etc.). Patch testing is available for all services, outlined in item 'b. BEAUTI's Responsibilities'.


b. BEAUTI's Responsibilities

Patch testing is available for all services to be performed a minimum of 48 hours prior to the appointment on the relevant area. This is to test for reactions before going ahead with the service(s) to ensure the safety of The Client. If the patch test is refused by The Client, either services(s) will be refused OR they agree that there is no liability to BEAUTI in the event a reaction occurs.

All brushes, tools, and products are kept sanitary and clean. In line with BEAUTI's COVID Safe Plan: all items used during a service are cleaned and disinfected either in between every client OR at the end of the day (dependent on the item). All surfaces are cleaned and sanitised in between every client.



a. Forms

Every person receiving a service is required to fill out the COVID-19 pre-entry consultation form provided to them 1-2 DAYS PRIOR to their appointment as per government regulations. If this form is not filled out and returned within the allotted time frame, BEAUTI reserves the right to refuse service until further notice.

Upon the arrival of the BEAUTI artist: The Client must fill out the attendance register via the provided QR code through the Service Victoria app. This is to be done on every visit.

A consultation form must be filled out prior to services commencing. Please see item 'a. Consultations' in 'ALLERGIES, HEALTH, AND SENSITIVITY/LIABILITY'.


b. Capacity

There is to be only ONE person within the allotted area for the appointment with no exceptions, with only one person per four square metres (excluding the BEAUTI artist). Where it is possible, The Client and BEAUTI artist will stay at a distance of 1.5 metres to minimise the amount of contact that occurs.


c. COVID Safe Plan

BEAUTI has undergone training and research into developing a COVID Safe Working plan which is to be updated regularly as government regulations change. All changes within this plan are made as soon as possible and implemented immediately. The Client must adhere to any instruction given by BEAUTI in regards to health and safety, if they do not then they forfeit their appointment and any monies given in line with other items in this document. Due to this new way of working, services may take longer than the usual allocated time as BEAUTI readjusts to suit safe working habits.

If The Client wishes to see the full COVID Safe Working plan, it will be made available to them upon request.



The Client will be provided with a Model Release From (unless otherwise discussed) to sign prior to any services beginning alongside their consultation. Once this has been signed, The Client grants BEAUTI license to use any content (including, but not limited to: photography and video) generated in the course of service delivery. This content is to be used at BEAUTI's discretion, for purposes including (but not limited to) marketing and promotion, UNLESS this content is explicitly stated intellectual property of a third-party.



As a part of the BEAUTI experience, The Client will receive a safe space to relax and recuperate during their appointment to the best of BEAUTI's ability. As a part of customer care, a variety of items for bathroom use, etc. will be available to The Client should they need them. The Client's comfort is a high priority, they are encouraged to voice any discomfort - especially during applications to avoid risk of damages.



If The Client has any issues, complaints, or positive feedback that they would like to speak about, please direct these to Chandelle Enniss via the details below.


Phone: 0499 971 499

Email: chandelle.beautimelbourne@gmail.com