Consultations & Trials





Getting a consultation and/or a trial is the best way to decide on your look and to see how it will wear through the day before your event.


Consultations are a complimentary part of every service, and available in person or online. During your consultation, we will walk through any requirements for your personal needs. From here we can decide on a style or look and discuss whether any specialty products are required. This is also an opportunity to discuss any allergies and sensitivities that need to be considered and make sure that occupational health and safety standards are met – including, at times, organising and carrying out patch testing.


Trials are only available in person for all services. Think of it as a practice-run or a preview of how the decided style or look will wear. It’s a great way to see how they will hold and gives us the opportunity to make any necessary changes to the desired look. We can also discuss what products you should have on hand for touch ups on the event day.




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