About Me




Creativity was always my strong suit growing up, it was only natural to transfer that energy onto faces. It was a great bonus that helping people’s confidence came along with that. During my years in the industry I have refined my skills to specialise in certain areas, working with and learning from some of the industry’s best to create BEAUTIFUL looks on some awesome people.



Values are an important part of how I work; I create with my clients and have fun while ensuring that they are comfortable and satisfied with the end result. Inclusivity and personal preferences are high priority – I make sure to listen and have my kit stocked with a range of cruelty free products to cater to all skin types, tones, and sensitivities. Helping my clients see and feel that they are confident, beautiful, and happy is why I do what I do.




You can never stop learning and to always do the best possible to ensure that knowledge and practice are up to date. Studying since 2018, some of the qualifications that I’ve gained are:

  • Diploma of Screen & Media (Specialist Makeup Services)

  • Infection Understanding & Control

  • Barbicide COVID-19 Certificate

  • Classic Eyelash Extensions

  • Premade Extension Application